Late Christmas Present?

Or should I wait for the next occasion and just get it then?

Everytime there is an occasion it's always hard for me to find something to give the husband...and this Christmas is no exception. But unlike last Christmas when I almost came up empty [almost because we managed to get him something at the last minute], this year the little one and I were able to find something to give him with a few more days to spare. Woot! I can safely say we've done good this holiday season. I am not looking for anymore gifts for him but then I came across model planes on sale online. I know for a fact that he is very much into model planes even before we met. He actually built one himself years ago which is neatly stashed in the attic. I haven't seen it because it's always been in a box but it's there. Anyway I know he will really like to get a model plane as a gift...but we already got him some things so I decided that I will probably order some and just keep them somewhere and give them as our birthday gift for him in a couple of months. I just hope I'll be able to find a good hiding place for them.


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