Some rest!

Looking forward to a few days of break from all the hustle and bustle that the holiday season has become. Compared to other people, ours was very much on the down low so I can only imagine how tired those who go all the way must be.

The weather on this Christmas day is perfect...for me anyway. Very mild. No rain. We stayed home all day but it was fun since we're together. Hubby called his family to greet them and I've been calling mine [overseas] since yesterday since they greeted Christmas 12 hours ahead of us. It's always a happy/sad time when I talk to them especially during the holiday season. I miss celebrating Christmas with them as well as the way we celebrate it back home...but this is home now so I have to get used to it. The million dollar question is still...when are you coming home? I just laugh it off now because I really have no idea when. To divert attention, I just pass the phone to the little one. That always works because they get excited whenever she gets on the phone. I let them talk while I listen on the other line. It's a treat for both sides when they talk. The little one gets excited talking with cousins, aunts and uncles because they shower her with praises. My family on the other hand just likes hearing her talk...LOL.

Anyway, after the 'mandatory' phone calls ~ LOL ~, I got down and dirty and started preparing for our Christmas meal. We had a very simple one as usual....turkey, stuffing, au gratin potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. It's like Thanksgiving all over again...LOL. After dinner....we're back into our corners. Me on the laptop, hubby on in front of the TV and the little one in her bedroom going through her 'loots'...

And's time to wind down....finally!


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