Still Looking...

And I thought I was done.

Yep, I'm back at looking for some scrubs for a niece this time around. I think I mentioned it here [or was it in my other blog?] but I was doing the same thing no too long ago when my nephew asked me for a favor. He wanted me to send him mens medical scrubs that he can use once he starts his duty at the hospital as a resident doctor. Well, as a proud aunt I of course did just that. As soon as he asked me I went ahead and got him some new scrubs. It was my little gift to him for passing the medical board exam and becoming the first doctor in the family.

I thought I didn't have to do that anymore but I was wrong. One of my nieces saw her doctor cousin in scrubs and asked him where he got them. I guess he didn't want to lie so he told her that I sent them to him. Now my niece who's aiming to become a nurse so sweetly asked me for a Christmas gift...of scrubs for her. I didn't even know she changed her course. I thought she's taking Liberal Arts. Apparently not anymore. She decided to change gears and give the medical field a try. Well, good for her. I guess I really have to get her some new scrubs then, eh? Hopefully she won't change gear again and decide to be a law enforcment officer or something else down the road...


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