Alvin and The Chipmunks...Chipwrecked!

That's what we watched the movie theater. We don't normally do that but since we have a 'week off'...yes, including the Daddy, we decided to head out and give in to the little one's request. She is a 'Chipmunk' avid fan. She has the DVDs of the first 2 movies as well as the CDs for the 3 films. She also has the little Chipmunks/Chippettes dolls that we got her a few months ago. She probably watched the 2 DVDs she has a million times but I never really sat down and watched them. Yesterday was the first time I've actually seen a Chipmunk movie in its entirety. It's entertaining especially the music but it's also obviously for kids. The little one enjoyed it to the max and that's what counts, right?

Will I recommend it? If you have kids then yes. If you like hearing high squeaky voices for about an hour and a half, then go see it. If not...then you're better off watching something else.


Anonymous said…
dara!!!! Merry Christmas at Happy New Year. Mibalik kami pa menibat Atlanta. Oyni obra na naman.
Ciela said…
Aha! Another fun family bonding huh?! I think I have seen one Chipmunks movie although not the entire film. the big kiddos here love them too. Katuwa sila panoorin.

Few hours na lang at 2012 na! Happy New Year Huling! Wishing you and all your loved ones continuous blessings of health, wealth, happiness and joy!

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