New Year, New House....

That will to be the case with my older brother and his family in 2012. Im very happy for them because after all the 'false hopes' they will finally be able to move into their very own house. It's actually their second house because they have another house right by the one where we grew up. But when their kids started going to college, they decided to rent an apartment so they would still be together instead of just letting their kids rent on their own. Now that their kids are all of which is alreayd married with 2 kids, they are still cramped in an apartment because they've gotten to love the city they're in now. I've been in that apartment years ago and it was cramped then with their belongings plus whatever trophies and awards the kids got in school at that time as well as a lot of their other knick-knacks. I actually thought they slept standing up when I was there.

My niece actually moved out when she got married but when she had her first born, they decided to move in again so my sister in law can help taking care of the babies. So yes, they needed to move into a much bigger place....some 10 years ago. But they didn't want to move in an apartment so they started finding a house to buy a few years ago. Unfortunately there were a lot of hindrances for it to happen much earlier. Well, the wait is finally over. Hopefully I'll be able to see their new abode when we come visit in the not so far future. When? That I do not know...


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