Skiing in the Near Future?

Maybe? Most probably not?

Hubby really wants to go somewhere snowy sometime soon. He says he wants me and the little one to experience snow. Hmm...why do I get the feeling that's not entirely true? Anyway, he grew up where snow is abundant during the winter time and he misses that cold weather. He doesn't like the hot weather that we have here but his business is here so he has no choice for now but to stay put. Anyway, he's been talking about this trip for quite a while now so there is a chance it may just happen sooner than later. I'm looking forward to it if only to see snow for once in my life but what I'm not thrilled about is his plan of us skiing once we're there. I've never even seen a ski in my life [well, maybe on a ski rack in an online store somewhere] and the thought of getting on those skis don't seem appealing to me at the moment. He said it's fun but I'm not too sure about that. It's all a plan for now. But some plans can become a reality...and the reality is...I don't think I want to get on those skis...but we'll see...


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