Moving Here

Thanks for the post, Nora Howe

Moving to Texas wasn’t something I had in mind but when my brother got sick we all rallied around him. I was only in New York to take that cooking job and since the economy had gone south it didn’t look like I was going to get promoted anytime soon so I came on home. I moved back in with mom and dad and I’ve actually been able to really help them get this house up to speed. I had dad help me stain the deck last weekend and I got Direct TV Lubbock for all the rooms so we’d have something to do (I forgot how boring it is where I grew up) and I even asked mom about getting kitchen cabinet lighting. Anyway, I think Bob really appreciatesthat we’re all so close as he recovers and I just feel like this is what family’s all about. If you’re not going to be there for each other what’s the point of having relatives, you know what I mean?


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