Summer Forward

The only time I'm reminded that it's Spring already is because of the so-called 'spring forward'. For those not familiar with 'spring forward', it's when we adjust our clocks an hour ahead thus resulting in a lost hour so to speak. It's part of the daylight savings time that I really don't understand, well I do, I just don't get why it has to be done. Anyway, that happened about a month ago. I'm now adjusted to it but where did Spring go? It's still spring technically but the temps we have are very much summer like temps now. It seems Spring sprung too much that it skipped us altogether. Oh well.

Since Spring skipped us, we may not be able to bike around the neighborhood because it's too hot to do that now. We can still do that but we may have to do it in the park instead. We have no summer plans in place but it doesn't mean anything. We like to do spur of the moment trips/stuff. One time we just decided to drive for 8 hours to visit a place and stayed there for the weekend. Who knows we might do that again. I'm not really big on trips but I'm fine with it if our not so little one wants to do it. Usually we just drive and see where it takes us. The husband likes doing that and it's fun since we get to discover some things close by that we can visit in the future. It is in one of our 'driving around' that we stumbled upon a very nice park that we really love. We haven't been back yet but we may just go back soon.


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