We went to the store yesterday so I can get my supplies for the month. While we were there I noticed that the cargo shipper I use to send stuff back home to the Philippines has an ongoing sale until the end of next month. I have a box that I was supposed to send before Christmas but I decided to postpone it because I was planning to buy flat panel stands for my brothers and I wasn't able to. I want to send those stands in the box but I didn't have the time to look for them during the holiday season so the box wasn't sent as planned. They were supposed to be my gifts to them for Christmas but it didn't happen. I told them that I will still send them the stands they asked for but not as Christmas gifts anymore. I guess now I have to start looking again so I won't miss the ongoing sale of the shipper. I'm just hoping that 3 stands will fit in their biggest box or I would need more than one box. Oh's not everyday I send them stuff anyway so it's okay.


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