Going Back to Walking

I stopped walking on my Mobia for about 4 months [maybe even longer]. I just didn't feel like doing it one day and it went on for months. I thought I would just take a few days [maybe a couple of weeks] break from it but days turned into weeks then into months. The result? I gained back most of the weight I lost during those days I spent walking on it. I think I stopped completely sometime in the middle of 2012. By September, I could see the result of my 'imMobia-lity'. As expected, the spare tire became more visible again and the chin was showing its twin again. Of course the number on the scale was creeping up as well. No, I have not become obese...not even fat I might add. I just gained back the weight I worked so hard of shedding and that's kind of a bummer. Sigh.

So sometime in October I decided to go back to my Mobia. From then on, I haven't stopped walking. I try to do it everyday during the weekday and rest during the weekend. Just like the last time I am slowly shedding the unwanted weight. When I say slowly, I mean slowly....about a pound in 2 to 3 weeks, maybe even longer. That's fine with me. So far I lost a couple already. But losing those pounds was just half the battle. Getting back on my walking regimen is the other half. It's still a bit of a struggle to get on it everyday. But I know I have to do it if I want to stay healthy. Hopefully I can keep it up.


Ciela said…
Hey Huling, don't throw away those extra fat (you think you have)! I'm here and trying to look for ways to gain some but looks like it's hopeless for me. I still use the treadmill though. Kailangan pa rin ang "galaw-galaw" to keep fit (kuno). May mga pains na sa joints konti, kaya dpat ko na agapan.

Wag mo naman sobrahan ang iyong walking. Tama lang naman ang built mo. Sexy lang ang tawag dyan!

Have a wonderful day!
J said…
walk, walk walk!!! easier said than done di ba. lalo na for busy wives like us tapos may teaching job(c/o little E) ka pa. ako nga eh walang tinuturuan, ang hirap maglaan ng time.

started my day early today kasi may lakad haha. lakad na hindi nakakaaliw pero kailangan puntahan.

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