Duct Taped to Seat

LOL. That's what you get when drink all the liquor in an on flight duty free shop. Again. LOL.

What was he thinking? I guess he's not, eh? If you want to see how this guy looks like duct taped on his seat on the plane...click here.

I don't fly much but isn't there some kind of a rule about alcohol consumption for passengers on board a flight? I know that intoxicated passengers cannot board a flight. Restaurants or other [on the ground] establishments can kick out patrons who are intoxicated. Maybe they should do that as well for flights, eh? Kick out intoxicated passengers...in space? Ha! But seriously, passengers should not be allowed to consume the alcohol they buy from the in-flight duty free. Better yet, maybe they shouldn't sell alcohol on the plane. As if the plane ticket doesn't make them enough money, why do these airlines have to sell stuff to passengers during the flight? Ugh!


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