So Far So Good

My 6-month doctor's appointment was early this morning. Surprisingly, we didn't have to wait long for me to be seen. Early morning appointments are a bit of a pain since you have to wake up early to make it on time but it cuts the waiting time at the doctor's office dramatically. I got the 2nd appointment slot for the day so there's only one patient ahead of me. Our chairs weren't even warm yet when I was called in already. I think we were in and out of the office in half an hour.

The appointment itself went well as well. My TSH has been normal for 3 months now and I've been off the medication for that long as well based on the regular blood tests I've been having every 6 weeks. Now I don't have to have my blood work done in the next 6 months. Woo hoo! I don't like blood tests so I'm happy to be off for the next 6 months. The doctor asked me to watch out for some signs though in case my lovely thyroid decides to become ADD again. Hopefully I won't have any of the signs he wants me to watch out for.

That's one appointment down, one more to go. The next one would be in a couple of weeks so I can relax for now....I think. Ahh...the price of getting old, eh?

Have a lovely week everyone...


Ciela said…
Wow, what a good news! Sarap lang talaga ng feeling everytime you come out of the doctor's clinic with good results of lab tests. One good reason to celebrate. Pa-burger ka naman dyan! haha..

Oi Huling, who's getting old ha? Di ba sa kalabaw lang yun?! Don't look at me! Lol!

Think beautiful and stay beautiful! Cheers!

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