Organic Mattress

I haven't heard of such before. That's probably because we only research mattress when we need one or want one. For us, it's the former. Our mattress is only a couple of years old so it's fairly new. We don't have to replace it for another 3 to 5 years...unless we have to. Anyway, I'm just toying with the idea that 'maybe, just maybe' we may have to replace our mattress to help with the old man's back [and neck] pains. Anyway, I came across the organic mattress online and I thought I'd read some about it. So far only boston mattress stores seem to sell it so it we want to get one, we may have to order it online. Of course there might be some stores locally that sell this kind of mattress but I have yet to find one. I told the husband about it and he asked me to read more about it then tell him what I find out. Well, there's another assignment for me.


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