Tree's Down

I stripped it off its trimmings a couple of weeks ago but it remained standing in all its naked glory because I couldn't take it down by myself. I probably could but I may break a branch or two so I just waited for McG to do it himself when he has the time...which is today. It's now neatly tucked in its original box waiting to be put back in its resting place...the attic. Actually, there are boxes now of Christmas related stuff that need to be put back in the attic. It used to be that we only had a couple of boxes but as the years go by, we keep on adding to it so we now have about 5 [or more boxes]. The stuff in a couple of those boxes we don't use anymore so I may just not put them back in the attic and toss them. Or probably send it to my family back home. It's still in good condition, it's just not being used anymore.


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