Bike Racks

More than a year ago, we bought each one of us a bike. So far, we've used the bike a grand total of...drum rolls, please...3 times! Yes, 3 times. Why? Because of me. Yes, it's because of me. I don't want to ride the bikes around the neighborhood because I don't like looking over my shoulder to check if there's a car behind me when I'm biking. I told the husband that we should get hitch bike racks that we can hook up in the car so we can go to a bike trail to ride those bikes. We have a trailer to put them on but it's also being used at work so hitch racks will be our best option if we want to take the bikes somewhere we can ride them. I know I sound like a spoiled brat when I demand something like that but I don't do it often. He's the one that wants us to ride them so he might as well get those racks soon so we can go biking. Now's the perfect time to do that actually because the weather is quite pleasant for biking.


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