The Search Is On

It's been a couple of weekends now that we weren't able to go anywhere. Hubby got this unexpected 'rush job' so they had to work long hours plus the weekends to make the deadline for the jobs. As a result of that we have to put off some of our previous plans. One of these plans was going in the other house to check what needs to be done there. We haven't been there in months. We have someone that keeps watch but only on the outside. Also, we've been thinking of doing some repairs and upgrades to it before we commission another realtor.

We don't have a lot of budget so we have to choose whether we'd replace the kitchen cabinet doors or the carpet as part of the upgrade. Yep, it's one or the other...unless we win the lottery between now and the time we make the decision. there's an idea. Anyway, my part in this scenario [carpet or cabinet doors] is to find which is cheaper to do. I have to do research on both...and I started with carpet research first. I've been checking stores online for carpets so much that even those out of state like denver carpet stores are not safe from me. I have to find the place that sells the most affordable good quality carpet so I've been all over the internet to do that. Isn't that what research is all about? I'm just glad I don't have to do this the old fashion way and be on the phone inquiring. At least online I can just send an inquiry then they get back to me via email. Anyway, I've sent quite a few inquiries already and received some replies already. I'd probably try a couple places more then move on to kitchen cabinets. Hopefully, I'll be done with it before the year...err...month ends. Wish me luck.


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