To Lose Weight

Just like in the past several years, losing weight tops the new year's resolution of a lot of people. I don't know how many of those are the same people but it's already becoming a habit for some. There's nothing wrong with making a resolution. What I find wrong is waiting for the new year to come to make the resolution. Anyway, we all know why this 'losing weight' always makes it to the list. It's because it's kind of easy to get off track. With all the yummy food out there, of course it's going to be hard. I know I have a hard time staying away from my personal comfort food...and that's why I resort to exercise now instead of depriving myself of the foods I like. Still, I'm not shedding what I want to so I'm seriously considering getting healthy eating worksheets. No they're not exam or test worksheets. They're actually guides which can be used as placemats as well. Yep, something that we use everyday...everytime we eat. How cool is that? The guides or worksheets have helpful information as far as food nutrients and portion control are concerned. I think they'll come pretty handy for someone like me who likes to read while having a meal. Hopefully these worksheets will be able to help me eat healthier and choose my food wisely.


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