Four letters that can make one panic. Especially if your business is at stake. That's my friend's predicament not too long ago. She and her husband started this business a couple of years ago. She has a full time job, he runs the business. Still, she's in-charge of all the administrative stuff which she does at night after her regular job. Recently, they moved their place of business. She thought everything was in place until she realized that they weren't able to send the 'We've Moved' announcement to most of their clients. It's a good thing she said that she found overnight prints at or they would have been doomed. Her words, not mine. Anyway, everything was happening all the same time ~holidays, etc. ~ that's why it completely slipped off her mind to order the announcements but everything turned out okay. I don't think they lost any business with the late announcement. It only gave them more time to prepare their place of business.


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