Bad Flu Season

So, have you had your flu shot yet? I think that's the first question the doctors ask their patients when they come in for a visit. Honestly, I've never had a flu shot myself. No one in this household has had it simply because we try to be cautious. I read that the best way to fight off the flu is not through the shot but by something very simple. Washing of hands. That's one thing we've been very good at. Whenever we go somewhere, we wash our hands as soon as we get in the house. The little one knows that's the first thing to be done. In the car, we have hand sanitizer as well wipes. We make it a point to use them religiously. It works for us so we don't see the need to get the flu shot even if they're saying that this is one of the worst years for flu.

My advice if you don't want to get the shot. Wash. Wash. Wash. It's harmless and it costs nothing but a little bit of water and some soap. So far, flu has stayed out of this household. I'm hoping it stays that way.


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