Cold TGIF!

Well, it's only for a day so it's fine. The highest today was only in the 60s so I was in my warm clothes the whole day. The weekend will be much better though...highs in the 70s....woot! I don't think there's rain in the forecast woot, again. Ha!

Everything outside, well almost everything colorful anyway, is now either dried, dead or bald. Not a pretty sight. Our flower beds are full of dried leaves from the plants and none of the plants have flowers anymore. When we chose the plants for our flower beds we chose perennials so we don't have to keep replacing them. But since it's winter, even the perennials die or wilt. They would come back sometime in March or April but until then we're left with either flowerless or wilted plants. Oh well...that's the way it is so it's fine I guess.


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