I finished what I set out to finish this weekend and I'm pooped! My back is sore and all I can think of is go lay down on my comfy bed and sleep the night away. But football is still on so I won't be able to do that...yet. Hubby is watching in the bedroom and if I go there, I'd end up watching even if I'm not rooting for any team anymore. My team ~ the Denver Broncos, yes because of Peyton ~ is out of the running. The game is still exciting because it's the Patriots vs Ravens right now and these 2 teams are 'frenemies'. They were also up against each other for the AFC title last year and the Patriots won. This time around, Ray Lewis' team is doing its very best to send the soon to retire player off on a high note so I'm sure they're putting up a fierce fight. I want the Ravens to win actually so the Harbaugh brothers will go up against each other in the Superbowl. Who are the Harbaugh brothers? They are the head coaches for the Niners and the Ravens.

Anyway, I better sign off here for now. In the meantime...



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