Sunday Football

During the football season, we usually schedule the things we want or need to do on the weekend, especially on Sundays, around the games. That means we have to be home by 1 PM because that's when the games start. I guess it's obvious who around here wants to be home to watch the games, eh? Me! Not! Well, I must admit I also like the game, well, more like some players. I've been a Peyton Manning fan since day 1 ~ my day 1 anyway. I just like his demeanor...he seems very calm, patient. Too bad his team didn't make it any further this year.

Anyway, the season is almost over. Divisional championship is happening right now. There are only 2 games today. One is happening right now and the other one will follow right after. The Superbowl will be on Feb. 3 and that's it. After this season is over, then no more scheduling things around the game...for a few months anyway. Maybe by then, we can just up and go whenever we want to head out...on a Sunday that is.


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