Visiting Blogs...Again

I started this blog in September 2007. Long before that, I've been a 'lurker'. Reading blogs mostly to kill time. I was already a WAHM when I started blogging and when I wasn't busy with my WAHJs and taking care of the little one, I would find myself blog hopping. That's how I met a few bloggers who kinda' inspired me to start my own blog. Teacher's Corner was born followed with this one. During the first few months, I visited blogs regularly. I made it a point to click on all the links I have in my Friends' List at least once a week. Then life got a little busier and I couldn't find the time to do that anymore. I still visit some blogs but I just can't do it as much as I used to.

A few days ago I decided to visit some blogs I have not visited in ages. I started clicking on some links in my Friends' List. Much to my surprise, a lot of the links are either 'dead' or the blogs are no longer updated by the bloggers. It seems a lot of the bloggers decided to either stop blogging altogether or are way too busy with other things that they no longer have to time to devote in blogging. I can actually relate. I've thought about stopping a few times already but I couldn't. First, I just can't let almost 6 years worth of 'typing' go to waste [ha!]. Also, I still make a few bucks here and there doing this. It's not a lot but with the way the economy is and how it has affected my online jobs, every little bit helps. Lastly, I find blogging therapeutic. It helps release [lessen?] stress because I'm able to write some things I don't normally say in normal conversations. In other words, it's a good outlet for me. I feel sad that some of the 'oldies' [no offense] no longer blog. Maybe they found some other ways to keep themselves busy and that blogging no longer gives them that sense of fulfillment. Whatever it is, I hope they're in good places now. As for me, I'll try to visit the rest of the blogs in my Friends list in the days to come. And I am hoping that there will be more active links than inactive ones this time around.


Cara Castillo said…
I actually kinda stopped blogging for quite some time, my blogsite (Mommy Cara Says..) was and still is active though.
But recently decided to make a new site so I could blog again! Hope you can check it out! It's new so no PR yet. Need help to promote, or at least have some viewers haha!

Ciela said…
Two months ahead ka pala sa pagba-blog Huling. I started my first blog Nov '07 naman.
I can relate much! Minsan talagang tamad na ko, but stress reliever din kaya eto pa rin tayo! lol! At least dami ka ops kaya mas enjoy pa. Yung sa 'kin kahit madalang pa sa patak ng ulan and mga ops oks lang. Pang-alis din ng boredom eh, di ba?

See you again, Huling. Have a great day!
~ "C" said…
I'm still here! But spreading myself thinly, sad to say. Been so busy with other things too. Stay in touch! Ikaw na lang ang natitirang link ko to my blogging past, bwahaha! And kaisa-isang tumulong sa akin that's why I was able to get things set for paid posts. But through the years (with the decline in the economy) paid blogging burned me out. I come back once in a while with an opp or two, but it's not as many. May bagong advice ka ba? Where can I get more opps? I don't know, every little thing helps. But anyway, it's nice to hear from you.
Visit me now at . I'll be back! All the best sis!

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