I had fun with the tag I got from Lynn so I went back to the site to see if there's another TV show I'm interested in.

Well, I saw a few but this one caught my attention. I took the 'quiz' with confidence, hoping that I will win acerbic Simon Cowell's vote. Well guess what?? I came out crying!! Here's what that filthy rich, acerbic Simon would say if [and only IF] I decide to go in that little known TV show called American Idol..!!! Hu hu hu...[ a cruise ship??? I get sea sick!!! ]

What Would Simon Cowell Say About You?

More on American Idol. Created by BuddyTV


Lynn said…
Hahahaha...This is really funny, Sis. Don't mind Simon, inggit lang yan sa yo. Hahaha.

Thanks for doing this. Take care!
shzainzy said…
Hey Guys!

Please do add my other blogs youre already there.


ThaNKs a lot!
you can check it out if you want.
Bwahaha! Ang sakit naman mag-salita ni Simon. Hayaan mo lang MIA (see I guessed who you are hehehe), Simon will eat his words hehehe.

Oh yeah, malungkot ang music sa blog ko dahil drama king ako hahaha! ^_^
Cathy said…
He would probably tell, just sing in the bathroom, lol! He's definitely brutally honest.
NovaS said…
its funny.. i think he didn't meant that way.. thanks for the comment sa bridal shower. maski ako not sure how would they do it for a Fil Bridal shower thingy....

sori natagalan te juls... nabusy lang.. kasi i'm battling here with my PC.... happy weekend po
RoSeLLe said…
i wonder what simon would say about me :D hmmm.. ma-take nga din tong test na to aling juls :)
honey said…
Hahaha.. This is funny.. maki try din nga.....hmmm baka sing inside the bedroom..nyaks!
Clyde said…
well, at least that's a nice try...lol...
twinks said…
Ang sama naman ni Simon..
Yaan mo na lang sis..inggit lang yan..
Lynn tagged me with this one pala..hahaha..
bluedreamer27 said…
haha i enjoy it so much akin nakuha ko "it was just okay" daw haha

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