My Face...then My Eye...


Yep, you read that right. If my face was my concern last week, this week, it's another part of my's my right eye! Well, I'm not even sure if I should be concerned about it or not actually.

I noticed this weekend that my right eye shuts slower than the left one. I thought it was just a fluke but I tried blinking a lot of times and it always shuts slower...wahhh!!

So I started wearing my glasses regularly now. I think my extended stay in front of my computer is straining my eyes. Added to that is my inability to fall asleep as easily as I used to.

Anyway, today I already noticed an improvement so I'm happy about that. By the way, the face is back to normal already. So I have both sides even now....fat but even...hahaha!


Anonymous said…
naku you better go see a doctor na baka kung ano na yan
J said…
hey tuks, suggestion ko lang ha, why not go see a doctor, for your peace of mind.

have a good night!
hey that happens to me too... wala senyales lang na tumatanda lol!

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