Kind Blogger....a Tag!

Been a while since I posted a tag/an award 2 days ago...haha! Anyway, Cecile of Life is Good and Beautiful handed me this one. Thanks Cecile for always remembering's very much appreciated...

Here are the rules:
1. Only 5 people are allowed to receive this award.
2. Four (4) of them are followers of your blog.
3. One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to who ever gave you the award.

Now, who do I tag or pass this award? How about You, you, you, you & You of course.


Unknown said…
Congratulations Jul.

I got something for you too in my blog. Love your posts so I'm giving you an award. :) Please stop by when you get a chance. THanks.

Have a great Thursday.
Pretty Me said…
Hi Ate J! Congratulations! :) btw, thanks for dropping by. With God's mercy and grace, I'm doing Ok. All my best to you te! God bless!

Will give this to you anyway coz you're one kind blogger.

Hope everything is well. Just got to be a WAHM like you. Haha. Yes, I'm busy but loving it. But I also miss bloghopping. Oh well...


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