Still Here....


Yep, still around. Work is still busy but we got an unplanned break from it. Guess why...anyone?? This is because the main office of the company I work [the one with work anyway] is in Houston, Texas....and that's where hurricane Ike decided to go instead of here. I guess there's really no escaping Ike for me, eh?

As early as Wednesday evening, I think, our boss already warned us that our servers may be down this weekend because of this hurricane and she was right. I was able to work some last night before going to bed but when I logged on this morning, it's already down.

So how did I spend my 'suddenly' free Saturday? By doing some pending tasks I've been putting off in the last week or so. Right now, I only have a couple left and I'm planning in finishing them up tonight.

So yes, I still 'worked' somehow. My schedule though is not as 'hectic'. I'm trying to catch up on some blogs also. I just wish I can visit all of the blogs in my list...wishful thinking I know...

Anyway, I hope you're enjoying your weekend. If not....c'mon ENJOY IT!!! LOL...


ay e di nasa centro nga ng hurricane ang bayaw ko and his family. i guess they'rw coz i've not receive any calls telling me otherwise.

sige enjoy your break.
mimi11460 said…
Take time kasi pagbalik mo sa work marami yan
Pretty Me said…
yeah i saw @ cnn how hurricane ike has caused devastation across areas of texas & louisiana... kawawa talaga ang mga affected & you're right ate... backlog sa work yan... kaya enjoy mo break mo para makacharge ka ng enough energy when you get back to work.. ate, i have a friendship award for you... :)

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Shimumsy said…
hi mommy J,
hi good morning. kumusta na? got the chance to do some rounds so early. hope you are having a wonderful day. take care.
Ciela said…
hi j,
musta ka n dyan? take a rest naman sometimes!
Unknown said…
Take it easy Jul. We're still her too.

Take care.

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