Should She or Shouldn't She?


I’ve got this friend who has been kinda’ chubby throughout her adult life. She tried gyms, exercise and dieting but she’s always back where she started. She’s not that fat but her self-confidence is suffering because she’s not happy with her body so her quest to lose weight is non-stop. Since she doesn’t qualify for any kind of surgery [and she doesn’t want to go under the knife anyway], her only choice now is to try diet pills. It’s her last recourse but she’s a bit apprehensive about it. I guess her lack of knowledge about diet pills does not help her at all. So I went online to check the different diet pills on the market. One site I found is really beneficial because it does not only list the positive things about diet pills but also the not so positive effects like alli side effects. After reading about the different diet pills on this site, I am confident that my friend will be able to find the information she needs in order to come up with a good decision. She may or may not go with diet pills, I’m just glad there’s site she can go to and help her come up with an educated and informed decision.


BongFlo said…
hi juls! salamat sa bisita... it was a tiring weekend for me pero ok lang. have to deal with some things before monday starts. how was your weekend? did it ever occur to you one time how tired you are about everything? anyway, wish it was a super weekend for you and your family. gotta run, ciao!

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