Should I???

Get me a cell phone I mean? I really don't want to get one because I don't need it. I am always home so what for, right? So why am I thinking of getting a cell phone now? It's because of the poor service we've been getting from the phone companies/ISPs around here. We just switched providers and so far it's not working well with us. The husband has been on and off with the customer service over the weekend and they just don't have a clue what they're doing. We are going to give them until tomorrow to straighten things out with their service. After that, I am going to check on unlocked cell phones and get me one. I have had enough of this craziness with the providers around here.


BongFlo said…
hello julz, i'm ok now, doc says that i might be overfatigued from too much work, he's advising me though to take it easy for a while, recover some strength back. he's putting me on some supplements to have my resistance back. thanks for the visit, my friend. and yes! i did manage to steal some time on the pc just to check on some activities out here in the blogosphere. nakakabagot kaya maghihiga maghapon. gotta go for now.

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