Cowgirl or Ballerina???

That is the question! Well, not me of course. It's our little one. Every morning she chooses the clothes she would wear for the day. Well, today she chose her ballerina outfit that her Grandma gave her on her birthday.

Good choice, right? Well, not quite. During her lunch break she decided she wants to be a cow girl. She doesn't have a cow girl outfit but she has the 'paraphernalia' to be a cowgirl. She put on her red cowboy hat and started riding her horse...toy horse of course, with her 'lasso'...err..jump rope.

So now I have a ballerina cow girl here while working on her Science book. Sweet!


DebbieDana said…
Hi Juliana!

Your little girl is not little anymore. She already knows how to choose what to wear, she knows what she wants! Hhmmmmm, dalaga na talaga!

Hope you and your family are doing well! Happy blogging.

Debbie :)
Lynn said…
I was trying to picture it out and it put a smile on my face. (",)

Musta Sis? Tagged u!
Micawatson said…
I like to be a Ballerina cow girl too, lol. that's neat you are homeschooling here.
Unknown said…
Lol, love playing dress up eh? I'm sure she looks adorable no matter what.

Oh, I finally got a chance to comment. I've been slacking. :(

Have a great weekend. I'm off to finish laundry and work on my garden. Oh my!

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