I've been MIA from the internet world today. Why? Let's just say, it's because of something beyond my control. U-G-H!!!

First, it's my ancient laptop. It kept on freezing on me. I have no idea why but I'm guessing it's probably because it's almost 6 years old and that I've been using it almost non-stop 24/7, 365 days a year.

That shouldn't have been a problem because the PC is much newer and more up to date than my ancient lappy and I could have easily done my work using it but...it didn't happen? Why? Big thanks to our ISP...or our very new Internet Service Provider!!

We switched provider a few weeks ago....from cable back to DSL. Now, DSL is slower than cable so I'm not used to it anymore. I noticed that it loads much slower when I work so we decided to upgrade....today! Wrong move because as soon as we called them about the upgrade, the internet went out! As result, I was without internet the whole day. I had to wait for the husband to come home because the modem has to be configured .... again! It's finally working now....at 8 PM!! Sigh! I have tons of emails about some tasks...and bunches of messages about work. I probably wouldn't sleep to finish all of it. Arrgghh....

The husband asked me how I spent 'my free day'. I cleaned, what else. I vacuumed the whole house and cleaned the bathrooms as well as mop the floors. Not much of a FREE DAY is it?

So if you're wondering what happened to me....that's what. Hopefully I won't have the same problem tomorrow...BUT knowing how inefficient our ISP is and how ancient my laptop is, I am not holding my breath! I may just end up weeding tomorrow...

Hope you had a better start of the week than...yeah, me! Just another day in Pinay WAHM's paradise, eh?


Ciela said…
Hayyy.. I was exactly in the same situation as you were the last two days. Our Internet Service was off too when I tried to log on at 3:00am last Sunday and it was back only late afternoon yesterday. Naki-internet lang ako sa celphone w/ bluetooth ni hubby sandali.

Well, for me I took it as a blessing in disguise kasi I had a good afternoon nap on those days!
Rest naman tayo once in a while.
Btw, thanks for the visit, J! Ingats!
Bwahaha! I hate it when the internet goes out. I really get annoyed and I immediately call the tech support guys to make their lives miserable, joke! I'm not that bad.

But yeah, life with out the internet is hell!

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