W-A-S-T-E-D !!!!


Nah, I'm not wasted although I feel like I am because I'm so tired...lack of sleep and overworked [& underpaid?? LOL]...

I'm actually talking about this:

Can you tell what's in the picture??? Yes! Ice cream. Because of the power outage for the past few days in Texas brought about by Ike, the store owners [like Market Basket] didn't have a choice but to get rid of all their frozen products...ice cream was probably the first one to go. Nooooo......!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in here to say hi and bring you this 'bad news' of wasted ice cream...hik hik hik!! Life is still busy on my end. I still blog every now and then especially in my other blog - Teacher's Corner - since I have some tasks pending on that one. Our servers came back up yesterday so we're trying to catch up with work since we missed 2 days of work.

I have to get going now as the little one is almost done with her dinner. Mommy duty is calling and you know that's the priority here...haha.

Picture from: Yahoo News


wow! that is a pretty wasted sight for a deliciously flavored ice cream.

i am glad to hear that you are back patrolling. ^_^

anyway, about the 143 series, it's his third morning today. i don't know if it will keep coming.

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