Funny T-Shirts


Yesterday, I mentioned about the big holidays that are creeping in on us. Well, maybe not creeping in since they happen every year, on the same day so it’s not a surprise to us when they happen. Anyway, as early as January, I already started looking for presents I can give family and friends for Christmas. My all time favorite to give them would have to be funny t-shirts. Why not when they are very affordable and they instantly make the receiver happy by just looking at the gift itself. This year will not be any different. I am still looking for these t-shirts I can give maybe not to all of them but to a selected few. I may even get me some.


spikeyfan said…
Came across your blog and had to post. I love funny tees too.

Some of the best sites are the small Indy ones. You may want to look at:

Buzzy Multimedia


Think Geek

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