Should We?


Get the little one a pet, I mean? Just like a lot of other kids she's been asking if she can have a dog. The last few days she's been pretending that her stuffed toy Pluto is her pet. Ha! I know that other people say that having a pet can teach her to be more responsible but I am not sure if I will believe that or not. She said that if she gets a dog, she will let it sleep in her bedroom on her bed! LOL...I guess we won't have to look for pet beds then, eh? Nah...of course we won't let the dog sleep in her bedroom. There are a lot of very affordable pet beds available online...and I'm pretty sure they are less expensive than a regular bed. But we'd probably get her a fish first before we get her a dog. Or maybe she can have this turtle we found in the yard. What do you think?


kakatakot naman yang turtle na yan! parang no more color and carapace dahil sa katandaan.
Stev&Emz said…
thats a nice looking turtle. we got a lot of turtles around here too. =) How about a cat sis? allergic? cats are very nice and love to snuggle. they are clean because they can clean themselves kaya lang problem is their hair everywhere that you have to vacuum everyday. Before it bothers me, now it doesnt anymore
BongFlo said…
hi juls! hopping by here today on a lazy afternoon. its the holiday here at mindanao today (dunno if the whole country is), the end of the fasting month (ramadan) for our brother muslims. i would like to say something about this post... pets will teach your children a thing or two about responsibility and will eventually prepare them to be mature and responsible adults. go get one for them. i recommend a dog! ciao!
honey said…
Laki ni turtle..hehe.. I remember my niece te, she really loves turtle either stuff toys and real ones..

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