London 2012 Summer Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olypics has officially started today in London. I saw the video where James Bond aka Daniel Craig picking up the Queen to escort her to the venue but I cannot find the video in You Tube anymore. I guess it has some copywright issues or something so it was pulled right away.

Anyway, I've never really watched the Olympics. I remember in 2008 when Michael Phelps was winning  left and right I was blogging about it very often. He was like the face of that particular olympics because he was making history by winning as many medals as he did. This time around, it wouldn't be that easy for him from what I've been reading. I read he barely made it to finals of the 400 IM and then lost during the race itself. The biggest shocker??? He didn't even get a medal. A first since competing in the Olympics in 2000. Oh well... I guess he just can't win 'em all, eh?


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