TGIF!'s been quite a while since I actually said TGIF! Don't get me wrong, I'm always [well, almost always] when Friday comes rolling in. I just get caught up with stuff some days that's why I'm not able to do that but in reality I'm jumping up and down. Ha~

Anyhoooo, it's really summer here. Our temps are always in the 90s now with the lows in mid to upper 70s. It's also raining on and off just like any other summer. Our bat faced flowers are going crazy again. They're taking over the flower bed suffocating the other plants there. Hubs is planning in moving the other plants on the other flower bed and let those crazy battys have the whole flower bed by themselves. He actually trimmed them a few weeks ago but they came back really quicky with a vengeance I think because they look 'bushier'. Their bright orange flowers look pretty though that's why we don't want to get rid of them. We just want to contain them right where they are at the moment.


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