Baby on the Go...

It seems more and more people I know are having babies lately. Am I jealous? Of course I am but that's all there is to it since I don't think we can handle a baby at this point [and age] in our life. Anyway, my niece is expecting while a niece [in-law] gave birth a couple of months ago. Recently, a good friend emailed to let me know he and his wife are expecting their second child. That only means one thing, I have to start looking for something to give them as a congrats gift. My friend and his wife have an 'always on the go' family. They like camping and doing things outside the house...very unlike us and I know what I want to give them....a baby carrier. I already started searching for the perfect one for them and I think I may have found it. Designed by an active sailor and rock climber, these Beco baby carriers ensure you stay on-the-go with your baby. I'm sure this type of baby carrier will be very useful to them once the baby arrives.

Because of all these people close to me having babies one after the other, I'd like to think that I know a thing or two when it comes to choosing a baby carrier. Still, I consult them before I purchase something for them simply because I want to make sure the carrier won't just go unused. I know they appreciate me letting them know. It may be kind of awkward at first but as soon as I tell them that I would rather get them something I know they'll like than something I like, then they start to relax and give me input. I'm hoping my friend and his wife will like the baby carrier I chose for them. Just to be safe, I sent them the link to the different carriers I think will fit their lifestyle. I'm just waiting for them to let me know which one they like.


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