I've moved a few times in my lifetime. When I say move, I meant not just move from one city to another but from one country to another, then from one continent to another. So yeah, I've moved alright. But it doesn't matter where or what kind of move one is making, moving can be very stressful...especially if you do all the work yourself. The last time we moved was in's just an intercity move so we didn't see the need of hiring movers. That wasn't a wise move on our part because it was painful...physically, mentally and emotionally. I told myself that next time we move, be it across the street or across the country, we will hire professional movers like Moving Companies AZ. I just think that with all the stress and the problems we went through during the last move, the money we'd spend for the moving company will be all worth it.

It has come up recently that we MAY be moving sometime in the not so far future. There is nothing definite yet but I have already started thinking about the things that need to be done if that happens. And hiring a moving company will surely be one of them. It's going to be a first for us because like I mentioned, we did everything the last time we moved. It was not pretty to say the least and it was just an inter-city move. The move we're talking about this time is inter-state and I can only imagine how big of a move that is considering we've accummulated some stuff over the course of time we lived in this house. I'm just hoping I'm not alone in thinking that letting the professionals do the work will be best this time.


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