Big Difference

Since I don't have much to do lately, I've been reading some of my old posts in this blog. It's very interesting to say the least to read what I wrote 4 or 5 years ago. So much has changed of course. One big difference though is not in the posts but number of posts. For the record, I have almost 3,200 posts in this blog. That's in almost 5 years. I started blogging September 2007 so this blog is a couple months shy of its 5 year anniversary. Has it been that long?

Anyway, if you look at the numbers, that's an average of about 53 posts a month which is roughly 2 posts a day. But that won't be entirely correct because I used to post here way more than I do now. Looking at my blog archive, I posted the most in March 2008. I have about 205 posts for that month alone which would avarege for about 6 posts a day!!! Whoa! I was a monster back then eh? I guess I had a lot to write about then...and plenty of reasons [read: $$$$] to write. Aha!

How I wish those days are back. I'm sure that if I read some of those posts back then I was probably whining about having too much to or otherwise. But I obviously didn't mind since I was able to survive it. Sadly, those days won't be repeated anymore. Blogging to make some dough is still possible at the moment. We just won't make as much as we used to....and that's the big difference.


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