Colorado Theater Mass Shooting

That's the headline news I saw when I turned on the TV this morning. The shooting happened in a midnight showing of the movie Dark Knight Rises [a Batman movie] last night in Aurora, CO. The reports are still sketchy but there are at least 12 people killed in the shooting. There is a big possibility that there are more people killed. Several people were also brought in the hospital who are injured in the mass shooting.

I cannot even begin to imagine how scary that experience must have been to those who were in that dark movie theater. The Today Show have been interviewing some of the witnesses and they seem to be handling what happened to them rather calmly. Those inteviewed thought that it was all part of the movie promotion because the shooter came in some kind of a 'costume' part of which was a gas mask.

The shooter has been apprehended and is now in custody. No motive has been given for the shooting. from Yahoo News.


Ciela said…
For sure, the incident was like a nightmare to those who were in the movie theater. Grabe, wala na yatang safe place sa mundo!

How was the weekend on your part of the globe Huling? I hope 'twas bright and sunny. Dito, it's cloudy with some rains. Aborted ang mga plano. :( Ingat lagi!

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