Summer Luvin'

The heat is on...and so is that rain, hurricane season, etc, etc. Ha! Just this weekend, I've experienced what probably was the longest power outage we've had since I came into this country. It started late in the afternoon and was out for about 5 hours so we went out for dinner. All because summer is here, eh? Anyway, we've been staying a lot in the back porch lately especially on the weekend. It's comfortable right now but we're planning of putting a ceiling fan out there so it will be more comfortable. Hubby likes tropical ceiling fans so we might get one of those if we find one to our like and budeget of course. For now, we're using our spare stand fan. Hopefully we won't have anymore power outage or the ceiling fan we're thinking of getting will be useless.


Ciela said…
Summer is the best season for me. Di pwede dumaan ang summer na di pupunta ng beach or any water resort. Pero pag umuulan naman or worst e magha-hurricane pa at may power outage pa, super bummer sa summer yan!! Pero okay lang pag may dinner out. enjoy na rin! haha..

How I wish we also have a porch to relax on. Okay lng kahit walang fan.hehe..

Stay well and beautiful, Huling!

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