Staying Healthy

For most, staying healthy can be a struggle sometimes. Us included of course. We're trying though especially now that we're getting older. I am also starting to be a bit concerned about some health issues we've been dealing with lately. Cholesterol and the threat of diabetes are just two of my main concerns right now. When hubby's cholesterol came out borderline igh a year ago the first thing the doctor told him was to lose a little bit of weight. Not a lot since he's not that overweight. We're conscious eater which means we watch what we eat but that's obvioulsy not enough so we had to look closely at what we've been having and start cutting on some of them. So far we've been successful. His weight has gone down slowly. He still has some more to lose but we're making sure it's going down gradually through healthy eating and exercise. I on the other hand is just trying to be on the healthy side. I don't need to lose weight but I have to watch I eat also because diabetes runs in the family.

In a couple of months we will be seeing our doctor for hubby's cholesterol check. If it still comes back not good, we may just try eating things like gluten free foods which I heard is really good for the body. We actually mulled about doing that when we first got the news about his cholesterold but we decided to hold off on it first. But like I said, if after all that we've done with our diet does not change his cholesterol level, then we may just try doing gluten free foods. As a matter of fact, I've already starred reading more about it so if ever we need to go that way, I already have some knowledge as to what it is. From what I've gathered, it won't be as painful [of a transition] as I thought it would be because there are some really yummy gluten-free foods out there.


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