Monthsary....Monthly birthdays....

What's up with that? I'm not condeming anyone who observes it. I just can't see the logic behind it.

On the 'monthsary' fad, from what I've observed only steady boyfriend-girlfriend [in general anyway] actually observe this. I rarely see husband and wife celebrate, much less, talk about the 'monthsary' of their wedding, etc. Am I right, or am I right? Truth be told, some married couples even forget their wedding much more their 'monthsary'. I may be a killjoy but I really don't see the reasoning behind a monthsary. Is it so hard to keep a relationship going that you can't wait for the anniversary to come anymore to celebrate so you have to celebrate monthly instead of yearly? C'mon now...

And while I'm on it, what's up with the monthly celebration of birthdays? Yep, cakes, balloons, treats included. From what I can remember we used to have those on the first birthday of the child. Once a year....not once a month. Are we taking advantage of the fact that when that child reaches, say, 30, he or she won't want to celebrate a birthday anymore???? So we have to do it as much as we can while the child cannot protest? Aha!

Oddly enough, I've only seen this being done by Filipinos? I think I have yet to see other Asians, or caucasians for that matter do this. I have to admit, we Filipinos like to celebrate [fiestas, birthdays and other occasions] but doing the monthly birthday celebrations is a wee bit too much of a celebration for me. That's just my personal opinion of course. I just think that with the way the economy is right now, overspending no matter what the sentiment is behind it should be avoided.


J said…
to each his own daw Tuks. palibahasa kasi ibang generation tayo hahaha. mga younger set at mga TH na young ones lang ang nag-mo-monthsary.

try kaya natin? bwahaha.

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