Our day started with my routine doctor's appointment for my thyroid condition. Happy to say it's a good visit because my thyroid condition seems to be getting better. Almost anyway. Per my latest blood work, my overactive thyroid is now underactive. That means I'm 'almost' off my medication. Right now I'm only taking 1 tablet a day [half/half]. After today's visit, my doctor instructed me to just take half a day. I'm going to have another blood test in about 6 weeks to see how that would affect my thyroid function. If it still shows that it's underactive, I'll be off the meds completely. The blood work will continue every 6 week thereafter for monitoring purposes. Hopefully I'll be off the meds by the time I see my doctor next which is in 6 months again. Good [health] news finally.

It's almost the end of another week. Like I've been saying is still SLOW.  It does not look like it's going to change anytime soon. It seems the economy is just not getting the break we all wish it would.  More and more people are still losing their jobs including some people close to me here and back home. I just wish I have a magic wand I can just swoosh around to make everything better in the whole world....but I don't. Sigh.


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