The little one's favorite thing to do in the world is probably draw. Well, definitely draw. I'm sure where she gets it from....not me. A friend once said to me that I couldn't even connect dots if my life depended on it and I can only agree. The little one knows that so there's really no keeping it as a secret.

Anyway, she usually draws on her magna doodles. Lately though she's been using her Nintendo DS to draw. Recently she discovered that she can actually make a 'motion picture' using an app in the Nintendo. Now, if you've seen how animated movies are done you would know that every frame in these animated movies needs hundreds of images. The little one saw how it's done in one show and has been fascinated with it everysince. She's been drawing in her Nintendo every chance she gets. Her favorite characters to draw are Scrat and Scrate of Ice Age. She's still getting the hang of it but she's getting good at it. She started doing stick figures yesterday and just finished her first 'short' motion pictures. Once I get the chance, I'll try and post it here.


Ciela said…
Kahusay naman ng gadget ni E! I'm sure lalong mae-enhance ang kanyang artistic talent.

Bilis, paki-post agad yung kanyang master piece! Nag-aabang ang mga fans!

Weekend of rains again here. Sana sa inyo naman e maganda ang sikat ng araw! Smile!

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