Summer Dancin'

Summer is probably one of the most awaited season for kids who go to a regular school. For one, it means off from school for a few weeks. I think some kids will even say that they live for summer vacations. To some, summer is the time to go to camps or some other fun things like going for a dance audition. When I was still teaching, I would over hear a lot of my students getting very excited talking about hitting auditions left and right. They couldn't do that during the school year because of time constraints so summer vacation is the perfect time for them to go to as many auditions as possible.

Personally, I've never gone to any type of audition myself. It's just not in my blood to perform...especially dance. I don't even think a professional dance coach can make me dance. Well, she can probably make me dance. I will just be out of synch. Ha! Seriously. Others may say they have 2 left [or right] feet that's why they can't dance. Me? It would seem I have 3 feet that will trip on each other if ever I dare to dance. Yep, that's how bad I am when it comes to dancing. This is why I don't even dare try it. Our little one on the other hand seems to like dancing. She hasn't taken any dance lessons yet but as soon as I get my driver's license, I am planning in taking her to a dance school not too far from where we live. Who knows, I may just be taking her to a dance audition here one day, eh?


HONEY said…
ate pwede ako maging dance coach mo.. hahahhah! wish a wish ko lang..


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