Browsing is probably more like it.

My blogging has been so sporadic in the past 2, maybe 3, 4...5...years and digging through my old posts here makes me wish I blog more. I used to have multiple entries in a day. At the peak of it my blogging frenzy I had as many as 129 posts in a month. That's an average of about 4 posts a day. Ha? So what happened? Life happened I guess...and laziness got in the way as well. But just like anything, blogging somehow lost its appeal to me. I still blog but not nearly as much as I used to. But that's okay since I still come back here every now and then.

Anyway, life has been going okay around here. Nothing that exciting. I actually feel like we're due for a vacation. The little one and I were just talking about it a couple of weeks ago. I mentioned to her that I really want to go somewhere but have no idea where. Part of me wants to visit home but part of me only wants to stay here. I'm always torn like that. The excitement of seeing family and old friends is always there but that only lasts for so long. After a few days of catching up, I just want to come back here already. But since the travel time takes almost a day, it is such a waste to just stay there for a week or two...that and the costly fare considered. How I wish that we only live a couple of hours away then I or we can visit everytime the desire of seeing loved ones hit me...but such is not the case. I've learned to live with it but I'm only human so I can't help but feel the way I do.

Our weekends are pretty much spent at home now because of the hot weather...and it's not even summer yet. We had a very mild winter but I don't think summer will be mild as well. We still have comfortable temps in the early evening so we can still stay and unwind in the back porch. I'm sure those are about to stop now that it's starting to get hotter and a wee bit muggy. So then we wait for the fall season, eh?


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