House Fire

What a "rude awakening"....well, a rude way to wake up to I should say.

A huge house fire...right across the street of our house.😲😲

I was awaken by some popping sounds at around 2:30 in the morning. My first thought was there was some kind of a fight going on. I stayed in bed waiting if it will go away but it continued so I got up only to be told by the husband that our neighbor's house is on fire. Our first question of course is if the neighbor's able to get out. He did with the help of the next door neighbor. It's very scary to watch his house fully engulfed in fire. The firemen did a good job containing the fire so the neighbors' house/s were not damaged as far as we know.

We stayed up until around 5 AM. I just laid there thinking how fast things can happen. We really can't tell what tomorrow can bring. I'm sure that neighbor didn't go to bed last night thinking he may not have a house the next day. That is what he's faced now. His house is gutted. He needed to be driven by another neighbor to a store to get some basic needs like change of clothes and a pair of shoes. He also spent the better part of the morning rummaging through the damage trying to locate his car keys. I am hoping he found them.

I think I finally dozed off when the last of the firetrucks left. Even then, I'm not able to really sleep because I'm still worried about what transpired. I think this is just the 2nd time I've personally witnessed a house fire. I'm praying, hoping this would be the last. 🙏🙏🙏


Ruby said…
There was a fire just right beside my father's house last month. Seeing it on Facebook had me in panic, but I am glad everything was OK. My parents were OK, and there was no one in the office when it caught fire. It is very hot in the Philippines right now. There's fire left and right.

I am glad that your neighbor is OK and that you are all, too. Good thing that spaces between houses are wide compared here in the Philippines.

Mommy Ruby

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