Paid Blogging.... that still even a thing today?

I stopped blogging actively several years now I'm like starting all over again.  I don't even know what to post anymore. A lot has changed since I started this blog in 2008. Yep, that's how long ago it's been. Back then I just wanted to write whatever. I was already a WAHM - Work at Home Mom when I started this blog and that's how my blog title came about. I started doing work-at-home jobs as early as 2002. I had a handful of different jobs I was juggling at that time so blogging was just really something I did during my free time.

After a while I did paid blogging. I did that for a few years. I tried to do it as much as I could but my 'real' jobs had to be my priority so my blogging had to take a back seat. In retrospect, that may be the reason why I slowly lost interest in doing it. I tried going back to it every now and then, but the 'mojo' is just not there so I stopped altogether but opted to keep my domain name.

So now what? I'm still not sure. The paid blogging sites I used to write for are all but gone. I know affiliate marketing is something I can probably do. It seems to be the 'in' thing now because it brings in some kind of a passive income. But I have yet to learn more about it. I read and watched videos about it but there's an overload of information out there that it's kind of overwhelming. Hopefully one day I'd be able to do it so this blog can be put to use. How I wish there's someone I can ask on what to do here just like when I started in 2008.


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