Back to Basic

It's been about a month now since I started using the recumbent bike that replaced the tread climber. It's a much easier exercise equipment to use because you can stop anytime without pressing any buttons. With the tread climber, you have to be focused when using it or you can easily get hurt. Anyway, I have adjusted to it already but I miss walking so I decided to go back to basic. With basic I meant hauling my very first treadmill from the garage and dusting it off so I can start using it again.

I call it 'back to basic' because the treadmill is manual. It's not the one that you plug on the wall to make it work. All you have to do is walk on it and it goes. It doesn't have all the hi-tech stuff on it. No plug for an I-Pod or MP3 player much less a wi-fi. It doesn't even monitor heart rate. It only has the basic info on the screen like distance and time. I got this treadmill in 2004 or early 2005. I remember trying to use it to lose some weight because I was going to attend a friend's wedding in CA where the little one was going to be a flower girl. I used it for a few months before the wedding then I, of course, stopped after the event. Typical, eh? But I've changed [?] since then and I now have the motivation to actually exercise. Hopefully the machine is still good. It seems to be working when I tried it for a couple of minutes earlier. My plan is to alternate walking and stationary biking starting this week.

Speaking of biking, we were able to do some real biking in the park yesterday. It was a GEORGEOUS day to be out and about so we took advantage of it and took the 20+ minute drive there so we can give our trikes a spin. We went around the biking trail a few times and we all had fun, especially the little one. She's been wanting to bike for months now but it's summer and there's no way the man of the house would go biking with an upper 90 degree weather. Hopefully we'll be able to do go biking more now that the temps are getting lower. Woot!


J said…
Hola!!! Anong ganap dyan?

That old style treadmill is intriguing. You mean you just walk on it? That sounds cool.

Inggit much sa weather dyan. Dito wala na, buti were holding on to high of 60s. Tapos we still have the central air on and even if it's turned off s controls namin mas maginaw pa din.

Hope your week is not that busy. Kikiriring sana ako last week but I figured baka busy byuti mo :-)

Ciela said…
Tadaaaa! Surprised ba Huling? haha.. Musta na ang isa pang ma-beauty kong pamangkin?!

Manual tread mill.. ayos yan, mas mabilis ka pawisan tapos tipid pa! Pero mas enjoy ang biking!:) Tried it when we were in baguio at super nag enjoy ang lola! feeling bagets baga! hihi..
ay naku, pagbigyan na like ni E na mag bike.. ang saya nga naman! i'm sure biking with the daddy and mommie is more masaya!
please bear with me. pasulpot-sulpot lang ang peg sa blog hopping. maybe pag napalitan na ang aking lappy, sisipagin ulit ako magsulat at umikot sa blogospheer! :)
babu for now! see yah again! stay fit and healthy.. and beautiful as you always are! ♡♡♡XO

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